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So, for my Independent Study, I'm looking at either how women are shown in fic or a connection between folklore and what attracts people to fic, or some combination therein. It's going to be a creative project where I take what I see most often and reimagine them, subverting the texts or the tropes, and it looks like it's going to be a lot of fun.

But I need help from you all. I need to know what's popular in all reaches of fandoms, even in the ones that I'm currently active in. I just don't have time to know what's going on. So I made a survey if you would please fill out.

Because this is kind of personal, I am both turning on anon commenting and screening comments. Giving your fandom name is perfectly permissible, and if you prefer to just leave your name off, that is fine as well. The survey is below in the text box with all the html ready for you.

I filled out the survey to give you an idea of what I'm looking for:

Name: Lyo
Favorite Tropes in fic: h/c, curtain fic, kidfic, historical AUs
Least Favorite Tropes: rape, high school fic, college fic, deathfic
Fandoms: Harry Potter, Vampire Chronicles, Inception, Sherlock, Sherlock Holmes (books), Sherlock Holmes (2009), DC Comics, Marvel Comics
Which of these Fandoms have you been in the longest: Vampire Chronicles, Marvel Comics, DC Comics
Favorite characters (for RPF, favorite people): Ginny Weasley, Jessie, Watson, Mary, John, Sherlock, Sally Donovan, Barbara Gordon, Steve Rogers
Least favorite characters: Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy, Lestat de Lioncourt, Cobb, Moriarty,
Please select no more than two characters and describe why: Harry Potter because of how he actually is just as bad as the book tries to portray every single bad person. He doesn't necessarily kill people for sport, but he looks down on people who are different and seems to believe his own hype by the end. Cobb because of the manpain
Favorite Pairings (Please list the fandom with the pairing): Louis/Jessie (VC), Ginny/Nott (HP), Sherlock/John (Sherlock), Arthur/Ariadne (Inception), Arthur/Ariadne/Eames (Inception), Barbara/Dick (DC Comics), Steve/Tony (Marvel)
Which of these pairings do you read the most of? Sherlock/John, Arthur/Ariadne/Eames
Which of these pairings would you say is/are your favorite(s)? Sherlock/John
Which of these pairings would you like to see more written for/would consider a rare pair? Ginny/Nott, Louis/Jessie, Arthur/Ariadne
Please select no more than two pairings and describe why you like them: I'm of the school of thought that the books would have been much more interesting if Ginny had been evil instead of becoming the idealized girlfriend of Harry Potter, and Theodore Nott is hypothetically my favorite of the Slytherin boys. I think their dynamic would be awesome, and I would like to see it played out more. Arthur and Ariadne is more because i just really like the dynamic they have in the movie, and because I find Ellen Page to be completely awesome and I want Ariadne to be completely awesome in fic.

Please give some recs as to the fics you feel best illustrate why you like this/these pairing(s). Feel free to give as many as you want (links to delicious your delicious are acceptable): RECS GO HERE

In fandom, which character types do you tend to gravitate toward? Thoughts on why? I tend to like two sorts of characters: I like characters who blur the line between good and bad, moral and immoral. I like characters who are good people who do objectively bad things, and vice versa. I also like very strong female characters, because I feel that in a lot of fandom media they are absent. I like bookish types, people who wear their insecurities on their sleeves. I like fish out of water, people who don't know their surroundings, like WWII soldiers who fall in the ice and wake up in 2010. Oh, Marvel.

As a child, what were your favorite fairy tales/myths/tall tales: I was rather fond of The Girl in the Big Fur Coat. I think it's Ashenputtal or something close. I liked Red Riding Hood, and I really enjoyed the Goose Girl. My favorite myths were Greek, particularly the myths about Artemis and Athena.

In general, how many fics do you read with romantic-lead female characters How many gen/non romance fics with female leads? Many of my favorite pairings feature women, so I do read a fair amount. In fandoms where the female characters are, sadly, minor (Sherlock), I don't read as much. I also don't really like genfic, particularly because a lot of it is actionfic or there are zombies. I don't like zombies.

If you write fic, how many fics have you written with romantic-lead female characters? How many gen/non romance fics with female leads? I've written few femslash stories, and I've also written a little about a male character being reimagined as a faab, but none of my long fics would qualify as being actually about women.

Do you have thoughts on why (for either how many you read or how many you write)? I think because in general, I get more positive feedback for my slash than I do for writing het or femmeslash. It's also much easier to write women and not be criticized for how they behave in the story, particularly if the women are shown as being less empathetic than the male characters or less scrupulous in who they sleep with. I'm always afraid of writing a woman who is loose with her sexuality and then getting called on turning her into a slut.

If you have questions, you can reach me at bloodmods at gmail dot com. Also, please, please pimp this out as you see fit. I don't just want responses from my friends in fandom. I want everyone who is willing to fill out the survey to do so. :)


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